Thursday, 28 January 2010

An invite to IPL 2010

Six weeks to go until season three gets underway and the Indian Premier League's mighty promotional machine is up and running. Last year, I wrote a piece about the story of IPL, likening it to a biblical epic. Well, that's pretty much how it's presented in the following trailer. Switch to full-screen, turn up your speakers and watch "An invite to IPL 2010."

The big news about IPL 3 is of course that Lalit Modi & co have signed a groundbreaking deal with Google to ensure that every match is streamed live on YouTube, with highlights clips available on demand to users around the globe. The official IPL YouTube Channel already has plenty of videos uploaded to it. Scroll past the news conferences, interviews and memorable moments from IPL 1 and 2 and you find some amusing short adverts currently being aired on Indian TV.

One features Rajasthan Royals skipper Shane Warne doing some press-ups. Just how much did they have to pay him to do this, I wonder?

Another, which I find rather surreal, begins with Sri Lankan star Kumar Sangakkara - recently appointed captain of the King's XI Punjab - uttering the words "We Punjabis believe in only one thing: that everything must be king size."

Incidentally, my favourite YouTube clip from the first IPL also involves Sangakkara. Here he is, more than a tad drunk, singing along to teammate Brett Lee's guitar playing in a rather cringeworthy rendition of a Backstreet Boys classic.

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