Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hussain skewers Gower

While the current England captain and his likely successor were piling on the runs this morning, up in the Sky commentary box, one former England captain was crippling another, while a third chuckled away in amusement.

"Lord Gower hobbles away..."

Monday, 22 November 2010

Graeme Swann and the sprinkler

Yesterday I wrote 100 words on the Times website on why a digital description is worthwhile. Why? Well, partly because I wanted the chance to win a free iPad, but partly because I really think it is. This morning, Uncle Murdoch sent me a karmic reward, in the form of a great column by Athers revealing the answer to my question - England's response to Douggie B's moves? The sprinkler...

Skip back to the start of the video to watch more of Swanny's capers. Team England look pretty relaxed, it has to be said. Fingers crossed they get the chance to crack out their victory dance at the Gabbattoir later this week.

Gladiators versus the Rat Pack

I have to say I've not had much time to keep abreast of all the Ashes hype, so I thought I'd check out YouTube to see whether I could find any ads like the IPL3 ones to get me in the mood. Based on what I found, I'm inclined to believe the series will be a bit of a mis-match.

England, exhorted by Centurion Botham and led by a roaring Wing Commander Strauss, are preparing for gladiatorial combat. Watch the ad closely and you will notice a cameo by Simon Hughes as an ogre who sharpens Strauss' bat.

While England are getting psyched up, the Aussies are making Facebook friends and singing songs for some guy called Damo from Perth.

What is Douggie Bollinger up to? The man is just inspired. How are on earth are England going to deal with moves like that?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

A real treat

First the IPL and now a nightly Ashes highlights programme. I'm becoming a fan of ITV4.

The show is going to be fronted by cricket's undisputed Hyperbolizer-in-Chief. I'm willing to lay odds of 1000-1 for anyone who wants to bet that Mark Nicholas won't use the words "tremendous," "fabulous" and "magnificent" during the first show on Thursday. Any takers...?

I thought not. As the H-in-C would I'm sure agree, we're in for a real treat.
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