Monday, 4 April 2011

An appalling, abysmal day for cricket

The ICC's decision today to reduce the 2015 World Cup to a 10-team tournament - excluding all associate nations - is nothing short of appalling.  There have been a lot of good articles and blog posts written about this by people whose opinions are identical to mine.  One I'd recommend is this post by Jarrod Kimber.  I'm certainly going to do as he suggests and email to enquire "why they thought it was a good idea to take the world out of the world cup."


  1. Not as bad as the "World" Series of baseball, but the Test Playing Nations Cup is going to leave something to be desired. What would we have done without England's matches aganst Ireland and the Netherlands, for starters?

    Kimber's post is very funn.

  2. everyday is an appalling day for cricket! The game sucks!


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